Walking around the Helsinki Art Nouveau

The Finnish capital keeps its streets and avenues over 600 Art Nouveau buildings, representing the highest concentration in this region. The City Museum has published a new map, which is available online, with walking and tram  so that the traveler can discover these gems of architecture.

The Art Nouveau had its heyday in the transitional period of the nineteenth century to the twentieth, and is characterized by stylized patterns and curvilinear organic forms. This movement influenced all decorative arts: architecture, fashion, furniture, etc …

In Helsinki is where you can find fertile ground because of its long tradition of the international design scene. We will find a large outdoor mezcolanda between tagging some romantic style and interiors primarily art nouveau.

The recommended route to enjoy the splendor of the finest examples of Art Nouveau architecture in Helsinki is through the center of the city, visiting the Central Station, the National Theatre and Pohjola House.

Besides admiring the outside of these magnificent buildings can go inside some of the most notable as the Jugendsali, originally built as a private residence and whose cafe downstairs is perfect for a worthy stop.

We can not forget districts Kruununhaka and Katajanokka , next to the downtown area, which we explored on foot. In contrast to Jugend Housedistrito Ullanlinna we reached by tram. Olofsborg , in the neighborhood of Katajanokka, represents one of the most admired buildings of Helsinki Jugend.

The architecture of the Finnish capital is well worth a trip.

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