Zimbabwe’s Walt Disney Park? You’ve Got to Be Kidding


This is not a joke and it has been under very well planned program from the government. So far, there are only old folks who visit Zimbabwe and it turns out to low interest of other younger people to visit this country. Yes, it is true that Zimbabwe has magnificent wildlife but it seems that this kind of vacation may not charm everyone.

Trying to survive its tourism sector, the government of Zimbabwe has proposed this famous theme park with as much as three hundred million dollars at Victoria Falls on three hundred acres of space. This has been known as a great plan as this will be the first Disney in Africa. It was stated from The Daily Mail that this African Disney is going to host several other amusement places like casinos, exhibition centers and shopping malls.

This is a great surprise and breakthrough because no other African country who has done the same thing previously. Though everyone thinks that this is crazy because of the lack of amenities in Zimbabwe, the government remains very optimistic. Some people even consider this as an alteration attention from the political failings of Mugabe. They think that the government cannot even guarantee Zimbabwean population in getting enough vital amenities like electricity and water, let alone a world-class theme park.

However, the plan is expected to come into reality by the government because this country needs high income from the tourism sector. So far, the country only counts on visits on natural parks and other places for both flora and fauna preservation. Yet, this country needs a special breakthrough in terms of entertainment though it seems somewhat beyond reach. The effort of the government is very serious in which it spends for more than a hundred million dollars for Victoria Falls airport upgrade containing a development of a new runway, terminal building as well as its control tower.

So, let’s wait for this plan to become true.

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